What type of soil does northeastern US and Canada have?

Answer Forest soils

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What Type of Soil Does a Beech Tree Need?

Beech trees are a popular tree option for homeowners, especially those who live in mild climates and are looking for a medium growth tree that can add beauty throughout the year. The beech tree is... Read More »

What type of soil does barley need to grow?

Barley needs a type of soil that does not have bark pieces it must be moist and it can have already added nutrients.

Do the United States and Canada have the same type of government?

The United States is a representative democracy, and Canada is a parliamentary democracy. In a representative democracy, the people vote in representatives who represent their interests. In a parli... Read More »

What effect does soil pollution have on plants?

Soil pollution will lead to depleted and contaminated crops, which leads to the problem of food security. Eating polluted crops can cause humans to be more susceptible to leukemia, lead poisoning i... Read More »