What type of soil does barley need to grow?

Answer Barley needs a type of soil that does not have bark pieces it must be moist and it can have already added nutrients.

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What type of plants do not need soil to grow?

What type of soil do you use to grow a vegetable garden?

ANSWER:Any soil will work but I would recommend taking a soil sample and sending it off to the local county agricultural extension office for a detailed soil analysis. It costs a few dollars and it... Read More »

What type of soil do aloe vera plants need to grow?

it grows fine in the worst dirt you can find, better dirt better plant. answer to second answer. it takes a couple of years to flower. for root sprouts, where do you live. six hours of sun a day. ... Read More »

Soil Type Needed to Grow a Privet Hedge?

Privets (Ligustrum spp.) are deciduous, evergreen or semi-evergreen shrubs and trees from the olive family. Different varieties of privet are native to Asia, Europe and Africa and are used widely i... Read More »