What type of software do cartoon makers use?

Answer Cartoons--once the staple programming of Saturday morning--have branched out. There's now whole channels dedicated to cartoons. Fortunately, several animation software programs were created to keep... Read More »

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Which type of animal was Robin Hood in the Disney cartoon film?

A fox portrayed the character Robin Hood in the 1973 Disney film of the same name. A bear, badger, lion, a dog and a vixen--among others--portrayed various different characters in the movie.Referen... Read More »

Who is the Pyrenees type shaggy white haired cartoon dog with small eyes not Sam from Looney Tunes?

Isn"t Mr. Phelps in enough Hot Water ( no pun intended) over the Marijuana pall? enough is enough, keep guys like this away from kids.I am a subscriber to a major game show blog and I have heard no... Read More »

What is the difference between block shave ice makers and cube shave ice makers?

A Block Shave Ice Maker is when you get a big block of ice and put it in a Block Shave Ice Maker.

What type of software is PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is presentation software that allows users to create computer-supported slide shows to support demonstrations, lectures, speeches and more. The popular program was created by Microsoft.P... Read More »