What type of socket does the pentium xeon use?

Answer Early Xeons, circa 1998, used Sockets 603 and 604. According to Intel, most modern Xeon microprocessors (all 5000 and 7400 series models, and most 3000 series models) use Socket LGA 771. However, m... Read More »

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Can a Pentium 4 CPU work in a motherboard with a Pentium 3 socket?

A Pentium 4 CPU cannot fit in a motherboard designed for Pentium III processors. Whereas a Pentium III motherboard has a 370-pin PGA370 socket, Pentium 4 processors have many more pins. Early Penti... Read More »

Is a Pentium 4 Willamette Socket 478 compatible with a Prescott Socket 478?

The Pentium 4 Willamette was designed for use in Socket 423 (also called Socket W) motherboards; however, it is compatible with Prescott Socket 478 architecture. The Socket 478 standard was based o... Read More »

What socket is a pinless Pentium 4 CPU?

The pinless Pentium 4 3.2E processor, or Pentium 4 540 based on Intel's new model numbers, is designed with socket 775 architecture. Pinless processors are slightly more durable; however, the addit... Read More »

Is DIP a Pentium socket?

Dual inline package, or DIP, is a method for packaging integrated circuits. Pentium-class and later microprocessors contain hundreds of integrated circuit input and output pins, thus making dual in... Read More »