What type of signs may a child with special need display?

Answer Answernothing happens its just like having sex when you are off ur period but remember to use protection-pretty in punk Probably nothing would happen...Pretty much nothing I would guess. Since you... Read More »

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Why do people display those "baby on board" signs?

because they are annoying soccer moms. i guess it may be a reason for their crappy driving.

What kind of post do you use to display handicap parking signs in California?

California law mandates that all handicap parking signs be posted behind the edge of the sidewalk, facing the space at a height of 80 inches. The approved post is an 8-foot galvanized U-channel sig... Read More »

What if the child has special needs and father has no experience taking care of the child what can happen?

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When a child with special needs is included in a preschool class it is best to focus on that child's disability?

No you should think of him as a normal student because every man is equal