What type of shot should we do?

Answer Dirty girl scout: green creme de menth, vodka, baileys, rin the glass with chocolate syrup tastes like a friggin thin mint.Chocolate cake: whipped or vanilla vodka, hazelnut liquor like frangellico... Read More »

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What type of fruits, vegetables, I should eat and also what what type of cardio exercise I should do?

Keep it simple, eat WHOLE foods. Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds, Nuts, and whole grains (not wheat). Cardio will get you slim, but will not build muscle (except maybe legs). You need to do abs exercise.... Read More »

You paid to get a flu shot a month ago Now your work is giving these for free Should you get a second flu shot?

AnswerNo, not if it is the same exact vaccine, there are no benefits to receiving the same shot twice when you are an adult (children need to get flu vaccines in a series of two vaccinations if the... Read More »

Canon power shot A 40 digital camera I have put photos from my camera onto the computer monitor but how do I put the photos onto a disk and what type of disk should I use?

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What type of shot do they use for a root canal?

For the shot the will use the same as a filling, which is novocain. If you want you could also ask for "laughy gas" along with the novocain, which will make you very calm.