What type of shampoo best for my type of hair?

Answer i have really dry frizzy hair and argan oil products work wonders. i usually take a shower with, Slicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye helps strengthen the hai... Read More »

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What type of shampoo should I use?

clear shampoo, i hope your problem is resolved. clear makes your hair soft and shiny and not greasy and help with split end and dry scalp

What type of shampoo can I use for natural hair?

Heyyy!!! I have curly hair and I LOVE IT. So, of course when my hair started getting dry and gross, I decided to make the switch to non-sulfate. But what shampoo could I use? I really wasn't sure, ... Read More »

How to Make Natural Shampoo for Your Hair Type?

No more harsh chemicals!Regular store brand shampoos can have harsh chemicals, that sink into your scalp, and could also go from the shower drain into the ocean. Here are some more natural shampoo ... Read More »

How Long Have Shampoo Companies Been Putting Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in Shampoo?

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are additives found in most shampoos. It is a chemical which causes foaming, also known as surfactants. SLS and SLES are also found in ... Read More »