What type of sd cards work with Huawei Phones?

Answer android is a mobile operating system... like symbian, ios it is an open source and is developed by google...

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What are the huawei metro pcs phones?

You apparently don't know the difference between land line and cell phone. Post your question in the correct category.

Will Cellular One SIM cards work in AT&T phones?

A Cellular One subscriber identity module (SIM) card will work in an AT&T phone, but the phone's SIM must be unlocked first. AT&T Wireless provides free unlock codes for its customers who meet cert... Read More »

Do android mobile phones work on pre-paid sim cards?

I highly recommend any android powered device... including the HTC wildfire. I personally think that HTC makes the best phones and the android operating system is better than the iphone operating s... Read More »

Will Cingular SIM cards work on T-Mobile phones?

Any Cingular phone that works with a SIM card can work on T-Mobile's cellular network provided the phone is unlocked. However, because Cingular (now AT&T) works on different frequency bands than T-... Read More »