What type of scanner will be best for restoring old photos?

Answer Good choice of scanners, Roy.Get an Epson. With it, you too have the capability of scanning in one pass as many pictures as will fit on the flatbed.What's better about the Epson line is that their... Read More »

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Restoring my iphone (will pick best)?

If you purchased music thru iTunes, you can always redownload them for free as long as you are signed into your account. You won't be able to play cracked games on a non jailbroken iPhone. In order... Read More »

What is the best type of barcode scanner?

Go to to see, they are always keeping their website up to date on the newest barcode scanners, their barcode scanner that you get with them comes with great customer service support an... Read More »

What Type of Camera Is Best for Taking Professional Photos?

In the photography world, the word professional is subjective. Most cameras possess the ability to take professional photos. The person behind the camera, however, makes all the difference. That be... Read More »

Is there a flat bed scanner that will multi scan photos but produce individual images in my pictures.Thanks.?

Not the scanner but the software that comes with the scannerYou can either crop the photo before you scan - so that you only scan that bit and ignore the rest(so you do several scans of the same ph... Read More »