What type of scanner will be best for restoring old photos?

Answer Good choice of scanners, Roy.Get an Epson. With it, you too have the capability of scanning in one pass as many pictures as will fit on the flatbed.What's better about the Epson line is that their... Read More »

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You messed up on your digital camera and ended up deleting all your pictures from your card you doubt this is possible but is there anyway of restoring the photos?

Answer It may be possible to recover the files, but it depends on the type of camera, how you deleted them what you have done since. There are programs which can undelete files from memory cards,... Read More »

I want to get a scanner and scan my photos into my pc, which scanner should I get?

You don't need such a high scan on photos. 600 dpi will give you top quality. Get the HP G-4010 which is a legal size scanner and allowing you to scan many photos at once. That is what I use profes... Read More »

What type of lens should I use for infrared type photos?

The lens has nothing to do with infrared photography. Its all about your camera. Your DSLR has an infrared cut-off filter that blocks infrared light from hitting the sensor. This is necessary since... Read More »

Photos from scanner to computor?

plug your scanner (printer) in to the usb port of your computer. go to start menu (bottom left of the desktop). then to control panel. double left click on printers and other hardware in category v... Read More »