What type of sauce goes with roast beef?

Answer The juice from the pan you roasted the beef in. Just skim off the grease first.

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What do you like best with a beef roast dinner?

Mashed potatoes with that homemade roast beef gravy with green beans casserole and melted cheese over steamed cauliflower or maybe some corn.Homemade yeast rolls lather with real butter and strawbe... Read More »

What goes good with roast potatoes and carrots?

Roast Chicken. I always put sliced onions under the chicken and then add cut up carrots and quartered potatoes to the same pot and let everything roast together. For extra flavor make a paste out... Read More »

What goes good with beef stew?

A thick slice of a whole-grain bread, toasted with real butter.

What's your fave sandwich roast ham or roast beef.?

Ham if its off the bone yummy yummy. lolz