What type of roofing felt should be used?

Answer On One Hand: 15# Roofing Felt15# roofing felt paper roofing material is known to be thin and many contractors will shy away from its use based on the fact that it can be dangerous. When you are wal... Read More »

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What is roofing felt used for?

Placed between sheathing and the shingles, roofing felt provides an extra moisture barrier between the roof and the inside of a building, which can help reduce leaks. During construction, the roofi... Read More »

Why is felt used as a roofing underlayment?

Roofing felt, or tar paper, acts as a vapor barrier, helping to prevent leaks in the finished roof. It is applied in overlapping strips between the primary roofing material, such as the asphalt shi... Read More »

What type of coil nails are used in a hitachi nv45ab roofing nailer?

The Hitachi NV45AB Roofing Nailer requires 1 ¾" coil nails. The nail gun features a pneumatic power feed and side loading magazine for easy nail re-loading. Some users have also had success using ... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of Felt Paper Under Roofing Shingles?

Now an essential part of the roofing process, felt paper was once used as only a temporary protection against the elements and to keep sap from deteriorating shingles. Felt paper keeps water out an... Read More »