What type of restrictions did the Jim Crow laws place on African Americans?

Answer Jim Crow laws were laws implemented in the United States requiring the segregation of blacks from whites in public. Such segregation mandated the separation of schools, public facilities, public tr... Read More »

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How did the Jim Crow Laws affect US foreign policy?

From a historical standpoint, American foreign policy was one of constant change, starting from one of neutrality, changing to one of isolationism, retreating back to neutrality and then finally en... Read More »

How to Write a Research Paper About Jim Crow Laws?

Jim Crow laws were passed by states in the American South after the Civil War to severely curtailed the rights of newly freed blacks. Writing a paper about this dynamic topic is a unique opportunit... Read More »

Oregon Labor Laws on Age Restrictions?

The provisions of the federal Fair Labors Standard Act create a uniform code for child labor in the United States. Through the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers cannot employ children younger tha... Read More »

What do you type to play games from wizards of Waverly place the movie?

It's available but not in a Region 2 version ~ see related link below . The sales of the series probably did not generate enough revenue for a Region 2 release .