What type of restaurant would give me large tips and less hustle and bustle?

Answer A Cafe out in the countryside somewhere--for slow paceA really fancy place, well they eat slower and so the tips would be higher , but come in more slowly--

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Where would I upload a very large college-type picture so it would appear the original size?

photobucket, flickr, those types of websites should all keep the original sized image that you upload, but the *default* image that other people see will be scaled down. But, they (or you) will st... Read More »

Would you like to eat at a restaurant that serves curry wrap sandwiches in 5 minutes or less?

I am starting a new restaurant, I need to know what type of menu items would be best.?

get advice from your chef. think of not only what you will offer but cost, storage, waste. can you buy ingrediants that can be used accross the menu - ie lunch, al'acarte, early evening. i guess wi... Read More »

Would a skeletal muscle composed of particularity large fibers have any less fine motor control?

Fineness of motor control reflects not the size of muscle fibers but the type of nerves enervating the muscle, suggests the book “Human Physiology, 8th Ed.,” by Arthur Vander et al. Generally, ... Read More »