What type of restaurant do you like best?

Answer Family owned resteraunt. They can be small and cozy, urban, trendy, or upscalish.. but their food is some of the best. Most of their recipes have been passed doen over the generations and a lot of ... Read More »

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I am starting a new restaurant, I need to know what type of menu items would be best.?

get advice from your chef. think of not only what you will offer but cost, storage, waste. can you buy ingrediants that can be used accross the menu - ie lunch, al'acarte, early evening. i guess wi... Read More »

R&P: What word or two best decribes the type of music you like best?

Hmm, on the count it's blues and jazz...ah, gah. There is so many, but all around, it's just the music that befriends my soul at the end of the day that really gets me kicked back and feeling somet... Read More »

What is the best tip to give in a restaurant if you didn't really like the food and the service wasn't great?

Well, I guess there is much room for interpretation in what you mean by 'not great' service. Looks like most people read that as 'horrible' and recommend stiff the waiter. I eat out serveral time... Read More »

What type(s) of music do you like best?

I listen to a lot of British stuff. Or if I'm not listening to that, I listen to mostly indie-rock or non-mainstream stuff :)Some of my faves:KeaneSnow PatrolColdplayGary GoThe Temper TrapKate Earl... Read More »