What type of restaurant do you like best?

Answer Family owned resteraunt. They can be small and cozy, urban, trendy, or upscalish.. but their food is some of the best. Most of their recipes have been passed doen over the generations and a lot of ... Read More »

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Do you tip the waitress when you get take-out from a t.g.i. fridays-type restaurant?

Yes. Maybe not as much as you would if you sat down and ate but that server had to put your order together and make sure you get everything you need for your dinner. I'm a bartender at an OnThe Bo... Read More »

What is the average check for a buffet type of restaurant?

I am starting a new restaurant, I need to know what type of menu items would be best.?

get advice from your chef. think of not only what you will offer but cost, storage, waste. can you buy ingrediants that can be used accross the menu - ie lunch, al'acarte, early evening. i guess wi... Read More »

When ordering wine at a restaurant, how do you differentiate between two of the same type to the waiter?

You always order a wine by its full name and that includes the varietal or type of wine it is.