What type of ram is on a dell inspiron 1100?

Answer The Dell Inspiron 1100 comes standard with 128 MB of RAM. It can be upgraded to up to 1 GB of RAM, none of which is fixed in the motherboard. The standard RAM speed is PC-2100.References:Edge Tech ... Read More »

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How do I add memory to a Dell Inspiron 1100?

Discharge Static ElectricityPower down and unplug the computer from any source of electricity. Wear an anti-static wristband or touch an unpainted metal object. Even tiny amounts of static electric... Read More »

How to Reset a Dell Inspiron 1100?

Resetting your Dell Inspiron 1100 computer is a simple process thanks to the System Restore feature on this laptop. This utility restores your computer to a previous "restore point" by reverting to... Read More »

What type of RAM does a Dell Inspiron 1200 take?

The Dell Inspiron 1200 laptop uses PC2700 DDR SDRAM SODIMMs. This computer has one 256 megabyte slot that is permanent and one slot that is available to upgrade up to a total of 1280 megabytes.Sour... Read More »

What type of memory does a Dell Inspiron 8100 use?

The Dell Inspiron 8100 uses SDRAM, considered legacy memory in 2010 because DDR has supplanted SDRAM, according to Dell. This unit comes with 64 MB of memory, but can handle up to 512 MB.References... Read More »