What type of printer is used for billboard ads?

Answer A billboard is usually printed in a series of sections about 5 feet wide on a lare format commercial plotter.They are almost always preinted on vinyl using a pigment ink to withstand the elements a... Read More »

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What type of printer cord do I need for a Lexmark P250 photo printer?

A standard usb printer cable like this one at walmart

Is a dot matrix printer a type of impact printer?

A dot matrix printer can also be called an impact printer. The term "impact" comes from the way dot matrix printers work; small pins impact an ink-saturated ribbon, forcing it into the paper and le... Read More »

How to Choose a Type of Printer?

Buying a printer can be a complex and daunting task with so many options and configurations. Specalized printers has made the marketplace even more complicated. This guide will give you some of the... Read More »

What type of printer do I need to buy to print on plastic?

Get OHP films for use with your inkjet printer,…