What type of printer is cheapest & best to print a large number of pages & which brand?

Answer Buy Canon MP276 all in one photo printer. Canon MP276 has obtained the title of the ‘Best Value’ for its price, excellent performance, features, build quality, warranty and suitable equipment d... Read More »

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HP printer won't print anything but emails and web pages...Word pages won't print?

1. What is the model of your printer? HP is the brand, need the model also.2. Has anything changed recently .... upgraded to Vista? new Computer?3. What version of Word is this?

How do i print a very large picture on multiple pages like a poster?

Go to '' ; look in the 'graphics' heading and specifically look for 'posterizer'. It's freeware.Remember, to get a nice, clear poster you must start with a high resolution fo... Read More »

About how many pages can I print with useing one ink cartridge brand new?

about 100 on 5% coverage..However a more realistic estimate is around 60, that is of course if the cartridge does not dry up before you use all of the ink.A lexmark no 17 will dry up after about 30... Read More »

What brand of printer uses the cheapest ink cartridges?

Canons have individual ink tanks for each colour. But the *best* way for any make of printer is to buy a "Continuous Ink Supply System" - CISS for short - that uses bulk ink delivered by flexible t... Read More »