What type of pressure pump is in a pressure washer Ryobi model # RY80030?

Answer It is a direct drive pump, meaning it is directly driven by the engine, as opposed to a belt-driven pump. Additionally, it's a plunger pump, meaning it uses ceramic plungers rather than pistons. Th... Read More »

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Ry80030 pressure washer?

BE Pressure has a pretty good FAQ on that. It is most likely just a worn seal, but I would make sure to check the outlet pressure as well. If that is high, that may be what is destroying the seals.... Read More »

Do you have to put oil in a pressure washer pump?

It is necessary to put oil in a pressure washer pump. The oil keeps the machine lubricated. The pump will get hot and seize up if the pump does not have any oil. Changing the oil every three to fiv... Read More »

How to Add Oil to a Pressure Washer Pump?

A pressure washer pump forces oil through the pressure washer motor, lubricating the moving parts and reducing loss of power caused by friction. Pressure washers blow hot or cold water, depending o... Read More »

What kind of pump oil do you use on a Cat pressure washer?

Use Cat Pump oil in your Cat Pump, and if it isn't available use non-detergent SAE 30 oil. For other special hydraulic oils Cat recommends for use in its Cat Pumps, contact Cat Pumps for its oil al... Read More »