What type of precautions are taken in the 9TH month of pregnancy?

Answer Answer Answer: Avoid flying, avoid multiple stair climbs when possible. Consult your physician.

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Does sinarest tablets taken during the 6th month of pregnancy have any side effects on the child?

Answer googled sinarest tablets+pregnancy. The above website talks about using it during pregnancy.

What precautions to be taken at swimming pool?

You must have qualifies supervision, personal health review, a safe area to jump and swim in the pool (the requirement for a safe are in a body of water including controlled access which is the ent... Read More »

Does a bacterial infection in the cervix and antibiotics taken to cure it during the first month of pregnancy affect the baby?

Answer As long as you told the doctor you were pregnant and were given suitable antibiotics the baby should be fine. If you did not know until afterwards that you were pregnant have a word with th... Read More »

What precautions should be taken if a toenail falls off?

If you lose a nail, it needs to be cleaned, disinfected and wrapped in a clean dressing. Change the dressing and disinfect daily. After a week or so, it should have started to heal over. If not, se... Read More »