What type of port does a digital camera hook to?

Answer Most digital cameras are equipped to connect directly to a USB port although most of them also use some type of solid state memory card or stick to store digital images. The memory can be removed f... Read More »

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What type of camera should one ameateur photographer invest in a, digital camera vs digital slr?

It depends on your interest and intended uses. (I started with Canon S30 and added a Nkn D70. I still use both.)If you are fairly new to photography or tend to rely on the camera to control your e... Read More »

What type of input does the digital camera put into a computer?

It stores images digitally rather than recording it. The images are then input or downloaded into the computer.

What type of imput device does the digital camera put into the computer?

A digital camera does not put Any "Device" into a computer. A digital camera acts as a storage device and an output device, it transfers jpeg and other similar files to computers as well as mp4 and... Read More »

What type of SLR digital camera should I get?

I've had the D40 for about three weeks now and have taken about 400 images, which I consider 200 are keepers. In the old days this would have taken me a year or so. This DSLR is not only a great to... Read More »