What type of plastic is used to make diesel fuel tanks?

Answer Plastic diesel fuel tanks are made out of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a durable plastic that is resistant to gasoline and diesel. Polyethylene plastic tanks will not corrode or rust over time and... Read More »

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What type of diesel fuel is used in India?

As of 2010, India has adopted regulations for diesel fuel similar to those used in Europe. In major urban areas Indian diesel must conform to Euro-4 standards by containing less than 50 parts per m... Read More »

How to Clean Diesel Fuel Tanks?

Diesel fuel tanks can accumulate water and debris over time, degrading the level of diesel fuel that is pumped out of the tank. Cleaning the diesel fuel tank can help ensure that there is no degrad... Read More »

How to Remove Algae in Diesel Fuel Tanks?

Diesel tanks have a tendency to attract algae if the tank is allowed to sit for an extended period of time without being filled. This is partially due to the nature of diesel fuel. Algae presents a... Read More »

Can diesel fuel tanks be stored inside buildings?

Diesel fuel tanks can be stored in buildings that are well-ventilated or underneath an open air structure to prevent solar heating from sun exposure. It is also recommended that fuel tanks be stor... Read More »