What type of plastic is used for a greenhouse?

Answer Greenhouses are traditionally built from glass or fiberglass. However, you can construct a greenhouse out of either double-wall plastic, which may produce energy savings of nearly 30 percent, or fi... Read More »

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What type of paint should be used on a plastic tub surround?

Answer Try that new Krylon for Plastics only.Sunnyraye

What type of plastic is used to make diesel fuel tanks?

Plastic diesel fuel tanks are made out of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a durable plastic that is resistant to gasoline and diesel. Polyethylene plastic tanks will not corrode or rust over time and... Read More »

What type of adhesive is used to affix the side mirror to the plastic backing assembly?

Answer I would use JB WELD. $3.99 Available most anywhere. It will do a good job for you. Mark

What type of plastic comprises a plastic hammer handle?

Acetals are a type of thermoplastic. Acetals are crystalline, which means they have a rigid structure and are very tough, durable and strong. Acetals are used in tool handles, such as hammers.Sour... Read More »