What type of plasma tv stand should you get for a 52 tv?

Answer If you have a fifty two inch plasma television, you will need to find a fifty two inch flat screen television stand.A wall mount will do the job nicely.

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Which type of TV would you buy: Plasma, LCD or the new LED type Why Pros and cons?

I already own a Panasonic Plasma TV and absolutely love it! Picture quality is the best i've seen thus far! Everybody that comes over to my house says that they can't believe how clear and beautifu... Read More »

Plasma on the wall or on a stand?

What type of TV is better Plasma or LCD?

Both types of television are good, it's just going to depend on what you are wanting in a TV. If you are in the market for the newest thing, you might look into an LED-LCD TV, since they are more e... Read More »

How much can I sell this Plasma tv stand for Pics?

40-50bucks, if it were me I would put a sign saying $50 and in writing below That I'd have willing to haggle. If someone wanted to haggle with you, you'd go no lower than $40.