What type of plants do not need soil to grow?

Answer Most plants can be grown hydroponically

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What type of soil do aloe vera plants need to grow?

it grows fine in the worst dirt you can find, better dirt better plant. answer to second answer. it takes a couple of years to flower. for root sprouts, where do you live. six hours of sun a day. ... Read More »

Do plants grow best in organic soil or fertilized soil?

On One Hand: The Benefits of Commercial FertilizersWhen we want to give a few nutrients to our plants, commercial fertilizers often come to mind. Commercial fertilizers give an instant and powerful... Read More »

What type of soil is best for bonsai plants?

On One Hand: Soil with organic componentsOrganic components originate from plant, animal or microbes. Organic soil may be composted or fresh. Besides containing basic nutrients, organic soil provid... Read More »

What type of soil is the best for growing plants?

Loamy soil is the best soil to grow is nor sandy or drains water holds more water.