What type of pipe should be used with ionized water?

Answer Copper or iron pipes are not recommended for either ionized or deionized water pipes. Materials that do work are steel, polypropylene, plastic, or aluminum, and of those steel is the strongest.Sour... Read More »

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Should you water plants flowers herbs etc with mineral water does the type of mineral water matter and what effect do alkaline levels have?

You want to try and avoid watering plants with mineral water. The alkaline levels will kill some plants and can cause other plants to change colors in there flowers, fruit size, and fruit development.

Which type of water should be used to dissolve sugar: hot or cold?

According to chemistry's principle of solubility, sugar dissolves faster in hot water than cold because hot water has more energy. Heat agitates water molecules and agitation causes more motion ins... Read More »

What type of torch is used for brazing copper pipe?

An acetylene torch provides the high heat needed for brazing copper piping. In brazing, a filler metal is melted between the two copper pipe surfaces to create a strong, solid join.References:"Plum... Read More »

What type of insulation is used in double-walled flue pipe?

Air is a fine insulator for double-walled flues where heat spread is desired, such as with wood or gas stoves. Mineral wool is the frequent replacement for now-illegal asbestos in furnaces and boil... Read More »