What type of pipe is indicated by a red line?

Answer Answer natural gas line

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What type of pipe do I use for natural gas?

Several types of pipe can be used for a natural gas line. Using stainless steel piping can reduce the risk of gas leaks; however, black iron pipe and copper tubing are still widely used. All thre... Read More »

How to Repair a Copper Drain Line That Drains to a PVC Pipe?

Plumbing repair is a task that any homeowner can tackle with the right approach and steps. Repairing copper pipe requires removing and replacing the back section of copper pipe and restoring the co... Read More »

What type of pipe should be used with ionized water?

Copper or iron pipes are not recommended for either ionized or deionized water pipes. Materials that do work are steel, polypropylene, plastic, or aluminum, and of those steel is the strongest.Sour... Read More »

What type of torch is used for brazing copper pipe?

An acetylene torch provides the high heat needed for brazing copper piping. In brazing, a filler metal is melted between the two copper pipe surfaces to create a strong, solid join.References:"Plum... Read More »