What type of pipe do I use for natural gas?

Answer Several types of pipe can be used for a natural gas line. Using stainless steel piping can reduce the risk of gas leaks; however, black iron pipe and copper tubing are still widely used. All thre... Read More »

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Is it safe to use copper pipe with natural gas?

OK! Well you certainly got a lot of differing opinions here. To let you know, copper has been used for gas pipe for years. At one time, the smell that is added to natural gas, so you can detect ... Read More »

What type of pipe is indicated by a red line?

What type of pipe should be used with ionized water?

Copper or iron pipes are not recommended for either ionized or deionized water pipes. Materials that do work are steel, polypropylene, plastic, or aluminum, and of those steel is the strongest.Sour... Read More »

Can galvanized pipe be used in the wall to move your natural gas stove four feet over?

Answer 1, Black steel Black steel pipe is usually used for gas lines inside the home. But I can't think of a reason why galvanized steel would cause a problem.  Answer 2 Galvanized pipe is never u... Read More »