What type of phone do you have?

Answer iPhone 3g I'm on it right now :)!!!!!!!!!!

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What type of phone is it?

T-Mobile offers more than one phone that would fit this description.

What type of phone should i get?

If all you want is something that can call and text look into a track phone. You have to buy minutes but it's pretty cheap. Or you could buy a Nokia and get a good deal on it at at&t.

What type of mobile phone do you have?

I have the sony ericsson W810i, and its the best phone I have ever had. Memory card gives great storage, and the built-in speakers are really good - perfect for sunbathing out the garden!! camera i... Read More »

What type of phone should a 10 year old get?

omg your just like me im getting a cell for my 10th birthday! I have verizon! my b-day is sept. so i have time 2 chose!Anyways what city and state so i can see which ones they have for you!Chocolat... Read More »