What type of pex tubing is needed for a geothermal closed loop?

Answer On One Hand: 1-Inch Wirsbo PEX is a Good OptionPEX stands for cross linked polyethylene. This is a very durable pipe with a high resistance to both cold and heat. PEX tubing also has a high resista... Read More »

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How to Bend a Loop in Brake Tubing?

The master cylinder is mounted to the passenger compartment of cars and the cab of trucks. The brake lines from the master cylinder run to the vehicle frame, where they proceed to the front and rea... Read More »

How to Wash Closed Loop Oily Rags?

Closed loop is recycling an item into a similar form to help keep the environment free from unnecessary trash. For example, using old towels or cloths for cleaning rags is closed loop recycling. As... Read More »

What is type-L copper tubing?

Type-L copper tubing has thicker inner walls than type-M tubing and is designed to withstand higher water and air pressure. Thicker type-L plumbing also resists corrosion from the acidity from low ... Read More »

What type of tubing is used with gas fire logs?

You can use either a black iron pipe or copper tubing with gas fire logs. The necessary diameter of the tubing depends on what type of gas you are burning, and how long a tube you are using.Referen... Read More »