What type of parachute material works best?

Answer On One Hand: Nylon is the StandardMost modern parachutes are made out of nylon material. During WWII silk was also used extensively, but nylon is still the standard for parachutes used for both saf... Read More »

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What type of glue works best for sequins and paper?

Science Projects on Which Wing Type Works Best?

Aerodynamics is a relatively young branch of science. Although humans have shown interest in flight throughout history, airplane travel has only been possible for about a century. Wing design is an... Read More »

What Type of Material to Use for Fascia Board?

Most modern homes built with conventional lumber and either hand-cut or trussed rafters are fitted with fascia boards to cover the exposed rafter ends. The fascia protects the rafters from weather ... Read More »

What type of material are iPods made of?

The casing for the iPod classic is composed of stainless steel and aluminum. The classic uses a lithium-ion polymer battery, and its inner workings also contain plastic and some other metals.Source... Read More »