What type of paper is newsprint?

Answer Newsprint is a thin, relatively cheap type of paper that is an economical choice for most newspapers. It is produced at paper mills and was originally made mostly from wood pulp. Today's newsprint ... Read More »

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What type of paper makes a better paper plane?

The heavier the paper, the better the paper airplane. Us heavy card stock, not paper, to create the best paper airplanes. In the absence of heavy card stock, you can also use heavy construction pa... Read More »

Who invented newsprint?

Charles Fenerty invented wood-pulp paper, the material that came to be known as newsprint. Fenerty invented newsprint in Nova Scotia, Canada, around 1838 or 1839. He was 17 or 18 years old at the t... Read More »

How do I preserve newsprint?

EncapsulationLay the newsprint between two sheets of plastic and seal the sheets of plastic together without sticking them to the newsprint. According to the Minnesota Historical Society, approved ... Read More »

How do i protect newsprint?

Protect Newspapers from Light and HumidityPut your newspapers or clippings away in acid-free boxes, storing them in a cool dark place (closets are great for this). Light can cause ink to fade, whil... Read More »