What type of oil should i use for a deep fryer?

Answer Deep frying is a common cooking technique to cook a wide variety food and leave it with a crisp or crunchy skin. The food is fried in oil but there are many different oils that have different effec... Read More »

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What type of oil do you use in your deep fryer?

PEANUT OIL is excellent for deep has a high smoke point (the point at which fat or oil begins to break down) without smoking and burning. It can be strained and re-used. Peanut oil ... Read More »

How hot is a deep fryer?

While deep fryers can vary in temperature from 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal deep fryer cooking range is between 350 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat can be adjusted to account for the ... Read More »

Is it okay to put palm oil in a deep fryer?

Yes, palm oil can safely be used in a deep fryer because it has a high smoke point. The Palm Oil Truth Foundation features a number of recipes, including fried green tea tempura, that are made with... Read More »

Where did the deep fryer originate?

The process of frying food dates back to ancient Egypt, long before electricity. Food was fried as a fast, convenient method of preparation and preservation before anyone had microwaves or refriger... Read More »