What type of oil should be put into a sump pump?

Answer The type of oil that should be put into a sump pump is dielectric mineral oil, also called compressor oil or electric transformer oil. It is sold by air-conditioning repair and home supply stores.S... Read More »

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What type of inverter is needed for a sump pump?

The proper sump pump battery backup inverter must handle 10 to 20 percent more wattage (amps times volts) than the pump. An induction motor sump pump inverter may need from three to seven times tha... Read More »

How to Replace Sump Pump Oil?

If you notice a strange smell or smoke coming from your sump pump, the problem could be with the oil inside. In order to work properly, these fixtures require oil to lubricate the moving parts ins... Read More »

How long should a sump pump run?

As a general rule of thumb, a sump pump should, and usually will, run as long as the sump is filled. It is not uncommon for a sump pump to run intermittently in certain low-lying areas.Source:Garde... Read More »

Should a sump pump have water in it?

According to Sump Pump Info, a sump pump in good working condition will quickly expel water out of the sump pit. This means the pit should not hold standing water. In a normal sump cycle, the float... Read More »