What type of oil is used on motorcycle air filters?

Answer To keep your motorcycle engine running smoothly, clean the air filter often--or, if it is made of paper, change it frequently. Use an oil compatible with your type of filter, according to the infor... Read More »

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Can you buy motorcycle oil filters at Autozone?

Most Autozone locations do carry oil filters used in motorcycles. Although they mostly carry products used for more prevalent vehicles--such as cars, vans and trucks--all Autozone locations do have... Read More »

How do I clean motorcycle fuel filters?

Filter RemovalEnsure your fuel petcock is off, and remove the fuel filter from your motorcycle. Placing a small bucket or bowl underneath your fuel filter while it is in the process of removal is a... Read More »

What type of filters do I need for an Aqua Flo Elite e24 reverse osmosis?

An Aqua Flo Elite E24 Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification system uses two filters: an Aqua Flo E24TFC-2 Compatible Sediment/Carbon Prefilter, and an Aqua Flo E24TFC-2 Compatible Carbon Block Po... Read More »

What type of motorcycle is best for me?

first piece of advice is to ignore all the people that are going to tell you to get some 250cc "beginner bike". go to some shops and sit on some bikes and see what you like best, and if that happen... Read More »