What type of oil is used on motorcycle air filters?

Answer To keep your motorcycle engine running smoothly, clean the air filter often--or, if it is made of paper, change it frequently. Use an oil compatible with your type of filter, according to the infor... Read More »

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Can HVAC filters be used as pond filters?

A standard HVAC filter cannot be used to filter water in a pond due to the fact an HVAC filter is hydrophobic, or moisture-repelling, and is intended to filter air only. In contrast, pond filters a... Read More »

Can you buy motorcycle oil filters at Autozone?

Most Autozone locations do carry oil filters used in motorcycles. Although they mostly carry products used for more prevalent vehicles--such as cars, vans and trucks--all Autozone locations do have... Read More »

How do I clean motorcycle fuel filters?

Filter RemovalEnsure your fuel petcock is off, and remove the fuel filter from your motorcycle. Placing a small bucket or bowl underneath your fuel filter while it is in the process of removal is a... Read More »

What oil is used on the k&n air filters?

The oil required for a K&N air filter is the K&N Air Filter Oil. This oil is made to work specifically with the cotton fabric in the air filter and must be used each time the it is cleaned.Source:K... Read More »