What type of oil is used for a valve grinder?

Answer A valve grinding machine requires specially formulated oil labeled for use in valve grinders. Some machines require water-based synthetic coolants rather than oil. In either case, do not use transm... Read More »

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What is an angle grinder used for?

An angle grinder can be used to cut very dense items such as tile, mortar and pavers. It is also used to strip off rust, sharpen blades, grind steel and remove paint. Its four main uses are cutti... Read More »

What is a bench grinder used for?

A bench grinder is used to sharpen tools, clean parts, and remove metal from a work piece. To accomplish this, the bench grinder turns an abrasive wheel and a wire brush at a high speed.References:... Read More »

Can a pepper mill be used as a coffee grinder?

Pepper mills may be used as coffee grinders. However, you shouldn't use them for both pepper and coffee. Avoid flavor cross-over by dedicating a grinding unit for a specific purpose, or be sure to ... Read More »

Should I used a grinder while rolling my own cigarettes?

Yes use the grinder for finer better smokes.