What type of nurse works in the well-baby nursery?

Answer Labor and delivery (L&D) nurses staff the well-baby nursery in hospitals. These nurses have an RN license with additional certification for infant resuscitation. An L&D nurse may also have addition... Read More »

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What type of nurse works in the newborn nursery?

In the US, pediatric Nurses, RNs or LPNs, with additional experience or certifications in care of infants and children, most often staff the nurseries of community hospitals and smaller acute care ... Read More »

What type of nurse works in the well baby nursey?

Nurses who work in the well baby nursery of hospitals are either licensed practical nurses or registered nurses. Well baby nurses specialize in the care of newborn babies as well as their mothers.... Read More »

What do you call a nurse that works in the nursery?

Nurses who work in a hospital nursery caring for newborn infants are known as neonatal nurses. Neonatal nurses care for both healthy and ill infants, as well as seriously ill or premature babies wh... Read More »

What type of degree do i need to work in a baby nursery in a hospital?

The type of degree you need depends on the nursery job you want. Nursing assistants, medical assistants, phlebotomy and ultrasound technicians complete certificates or associate's degree programs. ... Read More »