What type of nail gun should a person buy?

Answer On One Hand: Stick Guns vs. Coil GunsGALT Buyer's Guide explains that nail guns on a whole are good for larger projects, however, stick and coil guns differ in nail holding capacity. Stick guns hol... Read More »

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Are you the type of person that actually changes the settings on the washer / dryer depending on the type..?

No. I'm not the person to choose cold and warm. I just put my clothes in there, put it to wash and press the button. Sorry. Not that organized about that

What type of nail is used with air framing nailers?

Air nail guns for framing can use a variety of nails of differing sizes, finishes and types. The thing that makes nails for air nail guns special is that they are taped together in a way that allow... Read More »

What nail type is used for cedar shingles?

When applying cedar shingles, some people use staples. If you are using nails, be sure to use rust-resistant nails, such as stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized. The size of the nail will vary ... Read More »

How to stop a nail chewing type habit?

What you have is an OCD named dermatophagia. You can try chewing gum or covering your favorite fingers in liquid Bandaid. Or there's a brush-on product called Thum that you can get at the drug stor... Read More »