What type of music do people listen to in Spain?

Answer On One Hand: Traditional MusicAccording to National Geographic, flamenco music is the most popular musical style in Spain. It was born in the province of Andalucia in southern Spain around the 15th... Read More »

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What type of music do Haitian people listen to?

Haitian popular music draws influence from several main sources, including Latin American music, American jazz and the cultural musics of Martinique, Africa, Jamaica and Trinidad. All of these styl... Read More »

What type of music did people listen to in 1910?

American music in 1910 was an eclectic mix of jazz, ragtime and sentimental tunes. This was the era of Irving Berlin, Victor Herbert and Jerome and Schwartz. Player pianos and ballroom dancing were... Read More »

What type of music is played in Spain?

Spain's rich musical history has been shaped by the different ethnic groups that have populated the country during the past few centuries. Although some popular styles are widespread, many musical ... Read More »

What type of music did you listen to as a teenager?

As far as anyone knew I was into rock music like Hendrix, Pink Floyd and The Doors. It wasn't a bluff, I still like that stuff, but I quietly kept a little collection of things like John Coltrane a... Read More »