What type of mountain is Mt. McKinley?

Answer Located in Alaska, Mount McKinley has the highest peak in North America. Its summit peak is 20,320 feet, and the mountain is part of of the Alaska/Yukon mountain range. Mount McKinley is mostly a g... Read More »

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Where is Mount McKinley mountain in Alaska?

Mount McKinley, also known as Denali, is located in the center of the state of Alaska. Approximately 130 miles north/northwest of Anchorage and 155 miles south/southwest of Fairbanks, Denali is in ... Read More »

In what state is Mount McKinley located and what is the elevation of the mountain?

Mount McKinley is in the state of Alaska, in Denali National Park. It has an elevation of 20,320 feet, making it the highest mountain in North America, according to The Native Ameri... Read More »

What Type of Soil Is in the Blue Ridge Mountain Region?

The Blue Ridge Mountains are renowned for their beauty and blue appearance from a distance. The soils and shape of the Blue Ridge Mountains are consequences of the region's geologic past. Character... Read More »

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