What type of motor oil do i use?

Answer On One Hand: Conventional Oil WorksConventional dinosaur sauce has been lubricating internal combustion engines for over a century and still works. For the most part, all an engine really needs is ... Read More »

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What type of motor oil is used for propane engines?

Conventional synthetic or blended SAE 15W40 or SAE 40 grade engine oil works in a propane engine, depending on the engine valves. Such oil needs changing less often in a propane engine than in a re... Read More »

What type of motor oil will cause the least amount of friction?

Motor oils containing friction modifiers such as molybdenum, graphite and similar compounds can reduce the amount of friction, although they are not the same as antiwear agents. Be careful, as thes... Read More »

What Type of Blown Fuse Stopped the Windshield Wiper Motor in My 2007 Ford Focus?

In 2000, Ford eliminated the aged, base-level Escort in favor of the all-new Focus model. The ZX2 Escort model remained in production, through, until 2003, and Ford finally completed the Escort-to-... Read More »

What is more powerful for a vacuum cleaner motor a 12 amp motor or a 110 watt motor?

A 110 watt motor is equal to a 1 amp motor... Versus a 12 amp motor, the 12 is more powerful. You've probably confused 110 watts with volts, as a 1 amp motor could not be used in a vacuum (it's too... Read More »