What type of money does spain have?

Answer Since 2002, the official currency of Spain has been the Euro. Most European Union (EU) countries use the Euro as their currency, which makes it easier for a visitor to travel to many EU countries w... Read More »

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What type of currency do they use in Spain?

Spain joined the European Union in 1999 and uses the euro as its currency. Prior to the euro, the peseta was the official currency. The peseta was adapted in 1868 but became obsolete in 2002.Source... Read More »

What type of music is played in Spain?

Spain's rich musical history has been shaped by the different ethnic groups that have populated the country during the past few centuries. Although some popular styles are widespread, many musical ... Read More »

What is the name of money in Spain?

Spain adopted the Euro in 1999 and officially began using it in 2002. Sixteen other European countries also use the Euro as of 2011. Before 2002, the Spanish peseta was the basic unit of currency.R... Read More »

What type of music do people listen to in Spain?

On One Hand: Traditional MusicAccording to National Geographic, flamenco music is the most popular musical style in Spain. It was born in the province of Andalucia in southern Spain around the 15th... Read More »