What type of money does England use?

Answer According to British school Woodlands Junior the currency used in England in 2010 is the pound sterling, which is abbreviated as GBP or Great British Pound. As England is part of the European Union... Read More »

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What type of art was made in Anglo-Saxon England?

Artists in Anglo-Saxon England focused their efforts on metalwork, including painted ornaments, accessories, jewelry and coins. Brooches, belt buckles and enamelled portraits depicting royalty, fol... Read More »

What is money called in England?

The pound sterling, commonly known as the pound, is the main currency in England, according to Kit Dawnay in an October 2001 article for Telegraph. The pound has been around for 1200 years, origina... Read More »

What kind of money does England use?

England uses the British sterling as its money. The sterling is also referred to as a pound. With English money, 100 pence equals one pound. The symbol used for pounds is £, so 5 pounds and 30 pen... Read More »

How to Change Money in England?

Most establishments in the United Kingdom accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and a range of other credit and debit card options. You also can withdraw money from ATM machines in England, pro... Read More »