What type of modeling clay is used for designing a car's body?

Answer Modelers use a harder styling clay when constructing a mockup of a car's body. This clay is made for intricate carving and is very strong. It is perfect for detail work and can be painted. The desi... Read More »

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Is modeling clay used for designing a car body?

Car designers traditionally built small clay models of new cars, followed by full-size clay models. This process is still used today, although computer-assisted modeling has greatly changed the act... Read More »

What Type of Clay Is Used for Incan Clay Pots?

Incan pottery was mainly created out of earthenware. Earthenware is clay that is collected along riverbanks and cleaned up for creating pottery. Incan pottery was designed primarily for use, but du... Read More »

What type of clay used for bricks?

Historically, just whatever type is readily available. When mixed with straw, it becomes "adobe brick".

What type of clay is used for roof tiles?

Clay roof tiles, as well as other structural clay products such as bricks and pipes, are made primarily from common clay, although sometimes fireclay and ball clay are used. Terra cotta, which is ... Read More »