What's the safest and healthiest type of water to drink?

Answer Your body is over 70% water. You depend on water foryour very existence. Water increases endurance and energy,aids digestion, regulates body temperature, and facilitatesmuscular and nervous activit... Read More »

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Which type of nuts are the healthiest and most nutritious pecans almonds cashews pistachios?

My own research into this came up with the following:Ranked by their nutrient density.the varieties listed here contain the most protein, fiber, B-vitamins, calcium, minerals, and vitamin E for th... Read More »

What type of milk do you like?

full fat.having a prob getting full fat organic in its semi skimmed.not so nice in tea,but better for you!the gold top ,is sooo nice in cereal ,but I hardly ever get it.

What type of food substance is milk?

What type of milk do you feed a newborn baby with?

Answer The mother's breast milk is best. Failing that, breast milk from a wet nurse. If it is not possible to use breast milk, then infant formulas can be used, provided the water used to make the... Read More »