What type of microscope is made up of two or more lenses?

Answer A microscope made up of two or more lenses is called a compound microscope. Compound microscopes were invented as early as 1595 but were not perfected until the 18th century, according to the Unive... Read More »

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Type of micorscope made up of two or more lenses?

There is no such Canon camera. Those sold under that name are cheap Chinese toys being sold to unsuspecting buyers.

How many lenses are in a compound microscope?

A microscope has two types of lenses: the ocular, which is the one you look through, and the objective, the ones that do the actual magnifying. There are usually three or four objective lenses, mos... Read More »

Types of Microscope Lenses?

Microscopes provide us with the ability to view very small specimens that cannot be seen by the human eye. They are optical instruments consisting of a lens or a combination of lenses. The four mo... Read More »

How many lenses are used in a microscope to see a small object?

Simple microscopes use a single lens and were the first microscopes developed. Compound light microscopes have more than one lens, including an ocular lens and an objective lens that magnify the sp... Read More »