What type of memory do i have in my pc?

Answer On One Hand: Most Likely DDRIf you have purchased a new PC within the last couple of years, you probably have some version of Double Data Rate RAM (DDR), which has essentially become the industry s... Read More »

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What type of memory do i need for my pc?

Older computer systems use SDRAM or RDRAM and newer systems use some form of DDR, according to PC World. You need to check your owner's manual to see which one your computer uses, or scan your comp... Read More »

How to Find the Memory Type on Your PC?

Every PC has something called RAM, random access memory. RAM works in conjunction with your hard drive and other system components to allow you to open and run programs. Every program you have open... Read More »

What type of memory does an IBM ThinkPad T30 use?

The ThinkPad T30 has two slots for 200-pin SO-DIMM notebook memory. With an installed memory capacity of up to 1 GB, it can take SO-DIMMs of up to 512 MB each. The T30 is designed to use PC2100 D... Read More »

What type of memory card does a PSP use?

Sony's PSP uses Memory Stick Pro Duo cards for storage. Pro Duo cards, also created by Sony, offer increased storage up to 32 GB. There are other types of cards in the Memory Stick line, but only P... Read More »