What type of medications should you take for osteoporosis?

Answer On One Hand: Types of Osteoporosis MedicationsThere are many different osteoporosis medications available. They fall into two categories: antiresorptive and anabolic. Antiresorptive medications red... Read More »

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What do osteoporosis medications do?

Osteoporosis medications prevent bone loss. According to the Mayo Clinic, doctors most often prescribe drugs known as bisphosphonates.HistoryBone is continually broken down and built back up. This ... Read More »

Hypercalcemia & Osteoporosis?

Taking calcium to maintain optimal bone health is important, but too much or too little of a good thing can lead to bone problems such as hypercalcemia and osteoporosis. Patients with hypercalcemia... Read More »

Falls & Osteoporosis?

Falls at any age can cause injury, but for elderly individuals, these injuries can be serious and even lif- threatening. Individuals particularly at risk are those with osteoporosis, a condition of... Read More »

What is osteoporosis and what is the remedy for it?

osteoporosis is medical condition which describes above normal bone density loss, bone becomes more and more porous, it is losing it's weight. condition is mostly related to lifestyle, then medicat... Read More »