What type of meat is lamb?

Answer According to American Lamb, lamb is a type of red meat produced from the sheep and its young offspring, the lamb. Older sheep slaughtered for meat are known as mutton, while young animals are known... Read More »

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What is lamb meat called?

What sheep meat is called depends on the age of the animal. Lamb refers to meat from an animal less than a year old; meat from an older sheep is called mutton. According to the American Sheep Indus... Read More »

What is the name of lamb meat?

Agriculturists categorize lamb meat according to the sheep's developmental stage at slaughter. "Lamb" meat generally comes from sheep 12 months old or younger. "Baby lamb" meat derives from six to ... Read More »

What is baby lamb meat called?

Meat from baby sheep is called "lamb."Mature sheep meat is known as "mutton."Meat from a calf is called "veal."Meat from baby sheep is called "lamb."Mature sheep meat is known as "mutton."Meat from... Read More »

What is young lamb meat called?

Agriculturists classify meat from sheep 12 months old or younger as lamb meat. Baby lamb meat typically refers to meat from sheep six to eight weeks old, while spring lamb meat indicates meat from ... Read More »