What Type of Meat Is Stew Meat?

Answer Stew is a thick soup that typically includes chunks of meat and vegetables in a flavorful sauce. The mixture is cooked at low heat for hours to tenderize the meat and slowly cook the vegetables. Fo... Read More »

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What's your favourite type of meat?

I like em all mmmmmm id even eat vegans just to shut them up complain complain thats all they do piss n moan over a glass of cows milk

What type of meat is lamb?

According to American Lamb, lamb is a type of red meat produced from the sheep and its young offspring, the lamb. Older sheep slaughtered for meat are known as mutton, while young animals are known... Read More »

What type of meat do you prefer?

What type of meat are seafood scallops made of?

Scallops are bivalve mollusks, a type of shellfish, related to oysters. Ocean fisheries harvest scallops for their adductor muscles--the muscles that hold their two shells together--which are popul... Read More »