What type of material are iPods made of?

Answer The casing for the iPod classic is composed of stainless steel and aluminum. The classic uses a lithium-ion polymer battery, and its inner workings also contain plastic and some other metals.Source... Read More »

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What type of material are the internal gears of a seat belt mechanism most likely made of and why?

the seatbelt retractor is made of steal gear and lock bar with 2 springs one to lock the belt on impact the other to retract it when not in use if the belt will not retract it most likely wont lock... Read More »

Who made ipods?

iPods are made by Apple, the company responsible for Mac computers and iPhones. They were originally conceived approximately eight years ago by Tony Fadell, who led the creative team that brought h... Read More »

When were iPods first made?

According to, Apple released the first iPod on October 23, 2001. First-generation iPods came with hard drives of between five and ten gigabytes, the battery lasted about 10 hours an... Read More »

When were ipods made?

The first iPod digital music player was released on October 23, 2001. The original iPod cost $400 and had a 5 to 10 GB memory size. The original model of the iPod is now known as the First Generati... Read More »